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High quality olive oil performs a little bit of magic: it amplifies and valorizes flavors. Used as such in small quantities Oro de Pòe is the ideal seasoning to enhance the taste of dishes. It has a velvet palate and is very much appreciated with meat on the barbecue, soups and cheeses, especially those from the mountain huts on the pastures of the Grappa like “morlacco” and “bastardo”. It enhances the taste of our Brenta river trout as well as raw fish, and vegetables, both raw and cooked.
Venetian cuisine
A excellent product is never a isolated phenomenon but the result of a life style in the places where it is originally coming from. Oil is one of the protagonists of the Veneto life style, rich and much appreciated when it is used in the traditional recipes. Eating well is part of living well, which is typical for this area. It is also favored by good geographical conditions: here we find the sea, the Dolomites, the rivers Po, Piave, Brenta, Sile, the Garda Lake, the plain and the Euganei and Berici hills. This variety of landscapes is reflected in its artistic and cultural eclecticism. Over the years beauty has been created here by painters, sculptors and architects alike: Giotto, Palladio, Canova, Giorgione, Canaletto, and Tiepolo, to name only a few. Vivaldi and Albinoni have made their music here, together with Lorenzo da Ponte, the librettist of Mozart. Goldoni was one of the great writers of his time, and Teofilo Folengo has invented the macaronic language. Here Monsignor Della Casa has written the Galateo creating the rules of polite behavior, Casanova has created the code of seduction, and Da Porto has “invented” the story of Romeo and Giulia. From here Marco Polo left to discover the Orient.