oro de pòe


Our classic extra virgin olive oil has an intriguing golden green colour, which, like our olive harvests, varies from year to year.

The “Povese” olive variety adds a stimulating taste of tangy bitterness, which delicately rounds out the intense fruity and floral flavours of the “Maurino'' and “Leccino” varieties. Oro de Pòe promises many sensations of an intense delicate olive oil, and has a slight peppery nose with a hint of artichoke.


oro de pòe

oro de pòe
Pove del Grappa olive oil
“Oro” refers to the rich golden colour of our precious olive oil, while “Pòe” is the traditional name of the village in which our family estate (the Estate Gentile) is located - Pove Del Grappa - and where the olive oil is produced.

“Pòe” (Pove Del Grappa in the local Venetian dialect) is a village dedicated to the growth of olive trees. We chose to name our product after the traditional name of the region to emphasize that our oil can only originate under the unique environmental conditions found in “Pòe.”

extra virgin olive oil


The DOP stands for protected designation of origin (PDO) and only products which meet the geographical and rigorous quality criteria may use the protected indication.

Why our oil Oro de Pòe is special

One of the most significant reasons our olive oil is so special is the environment in which it is created. The geographical area in which the Estate Gentile is located is one of the most northern locations in Europe where olive trees grow and bear fruit. The territory of Pove del Grappa is located in a natural shell shaped valley at the foot of the Grappa mountain, and is known for its mild, well ventilated climatic conditions, which create a relatively dry environment. For these reasons, the area is also known as the “Conca degli Ulivi.”

The high quality of the final product is also due to the composition of the soil. The area was once located in the broader river-bed of the Brenta, and is now covered with alluvial moraine intersected by layers of sandy clay and marl. The next reason our olive oil is so distinct is because of the unique olive varieties that are used to create it. The local variety “Frantoio Povese”is abundantly present in both older and younger trees of the region, which produces a very delicate oil compared to other varieties, resulting in an incomparable taste.

Finally, the modes of cultivation play an essential role in making our olive oil unmatched by any other. Under the guidance of seasoned agronomist Stefano Farronato, the olive trees are treated using traditional methods enriched with modern knowhow throughout the seasons of the year. These unique conditions under which the olive oil comes to life are what gives Oro de Pòe its distinct taste and unique personality.

Sensory evaluation

The assessment of the quality of the olive is done through chemical analyses which determine the organoleptic values of the oil and affirm if they match the disciplinary criteria of the DOP Veneto del Grappa. Parallel to this we have a Panel test which is a sensorial test carried out by qualified experts who are taught to evaluate and certify the organoleptic characteristics (merits and defects) of the oil, such as: flavour, color, scent and the appearance. The combination of the results of both tests will be the base of the evaluation of our oil.